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We have a variety of books, cards and board games located in each geodome.  Additionally, we have yard games scattered throughout the property (and marked on our property map).

While Glamping Wild guests have a Solos Brand stove on their deck for private use, we also have a larger in-ground communal firepit for our more social guests to enjoy.  So get out there and mingle with like-minded glampers if you’re so inclined. 

We have a communal hot tub in the same area as the communal fire pit.  So you can mingle in there as well!  Don’t forget your swimsuit!

Heard of geocaching?  Geocaching is similar to a hide and seek game, but you go in search of hidden treasure using GPS coordinates and clues.  We have tucked away some caches right on property for our guests, and there are also caches offsite and nearby for guests to find!

It can get breezy up in the Flatwoods, so we figured it was the perfect place for a few kites (and windchimes….) to fully embrace the magic of a breezy day!  We have a set of kites stored onsite for guests to enjoy!

There is nothing quite like enjoying a picnic beside the sound and beauty of flowing water.  There are a number of spots onsite where you can enjoy a picnic streamside.  If you have booked our Caim or Dochas tent, then you will enjoy a private set of stairs and sitting area beside the stream below your tent.  Additionally, we have three sitting areas along our wetland preserve walking path. Each geodome is equipped with a picnic basket for guest use.

One of the best things about our location is optimal conditions for stargazing!  For observing faint stars and meteors, the darker the sky, the better, and the amount of skyglow from light pollution diminishes as you venture farther outward from a population center.  Stargazing party, anyone?  

Experience one of our favorite features at Glamping Wild!  We designed a walking labyrinth inside our wetland preserve.  In case you’re not already familiar, labyrinths are used for walking meditation.  It is a single winding path that weaves in different directions throughout a circular space, and ultimately dead ends at the center.  Labyrinths are used worldwide as a way to quiet the mind, calm anxieties, recover balance in life, enhance creativity and encourage a meditative state, insight, self-refection and stress relief.  The practice of labyrinth walking integrates body, mind and spirit.  We hope you will set your best intention, and give it a whirl during your stay!  It’s a great enhancement to what you will already being doing at Glamping Wild….disconnecting from the day-to-day and reconnecting with nature, loved ones, and yourself.

We have an abundance of trails on property.  Put on your hiking boots, grab one of our walking sticks, and go explore our 40-acre property!  You’re welcome to stay at lower elevation, or if you’re feeling ambitious, climb to our top ridge (3,400′) and take a peek at the best view of Pond Mountain!

Our 40-acre property has an approximately 2.5-acre wetland preserve.  Inside the wetland preserve, you will find walking paths and streamside sitting areas, as well as our walking labyrinth.  We highly recommend picking a day during your stay to get lost in there!  Please be sure to stay on the designated walking paths and sitting areas at all times to preserve the fragile plant and animal ecosystem of the preserve.  

Onsite Activities

Nearby Activities

 18 Miles/35 Mins from Glamping Wild

Doe Mountain Recreation Area is located in nearby Johnson County, Tennessee, and features 8,600 acres of protected mountain terrain and trails.  Enjoy mountain biking, hiking, bird watching and geocaching!  Trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset.  

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21 Miles/56 Mins from Glamping Wild

Grayson Highlands offers scenic views of alpine-like peaks more than 5,000 feet high.  Facilities include visitor center, hiking trails, scenic horse trails, waterfalls and overlooks.  The park is also home to herds of wild ponies! The park offers year-round access to the Appalachian Trail and the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail.  

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26 Miles/49 Mins from Glamping Wild.

This little local gem was founded in 2017 by father and son homebrewers, Greg and Adam Hershner.  Enjoy their fresh, innovative craft beers and delicious smokehouse pub food.

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2 Miles/5 Mins from Glamping Wild

Pond Mountain boasts an elevation of 5,000 feet, spans over 3,500 acres, and overlooks the mountains of Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. Pond Mountain allows horseback riding, hiking, fishing, hunting and cross country skiing.  Be sure to check out the NC-TN-VA tri-state marker.

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30 Miles/50 Mins from Glamping Wild

The Virginia Creeper Trail is 34 miles of converted rail line that opened to the public as a shared-use hiking, biking and equine recreational trail in 1987.  The trail is open year round, and runs between Whitetop (3,500′) to Abingdon (2,050′). Most people begin the ride in Damascus (the center of the trail), where they pick up a shuttle to the top for a ride downhill.  There are numerous place to start the journey.  Distance is listed from Glamping Wild to Damascus.

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26 Miles/42 Mins from Glamping Wild

Tasting Room is open Thursday through Sunday starting at noon.  Enjoy this little winery by Watauga Lake for a lovely glass of local wine.

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